Petite Modeling Guide

Some girls think that if their height is not up to the mark, they would not be able to survive in the Petite Modeling industry. However, this is not true. You can cover up your shortcomings successfully and become a successful petite model in no time if you have proper knowledge. You need to be professional enough and have the ambition in your mind if you want to grow. The tips given below would help you to kick start your career and survive in the Petite Modeling industry:

Determine Your Body Structure and Looks

First of all, you would need to analyze your looks. Your height should be somewhere between 4 feet 9 inches to 5 feet 7 inches. But even if you are a bit shorter or taller, you can do it by paying heed to what shoes you wear and how you stand on the stage.

Petite ModelingDetermine your focus Point

It is important that you know your body very well. For example, you must know where you should draw the attention and from where you should put it away. For example, if your lips are beautiful, you would need to put on bright colored lipstick matching with your dress so that it is brought to attention right away.

Have a Good Posture

No matter you are short or tall, if you have a good posture, you can hide your short height. When standing in the midst of the tall, petite models, you can stand out if you have a good posture.

Know Your Opportunities

The Petite Modeling industries are very limited and so are your chances to enter the industry. So, make sure that you have enough knowledge that from where you can start. Be it magazines or the print ads or anywhere, you would need to start somehow. Remember, everyone would not be having their relatives in the modelling industry and hence, you also have a chance of survival there. Just give your best and hope for the best.

Get Ready and Keep Everything Ready

You must have your portfolio ready. Remember, Petite Modeling is a type of industry where the employers would hire you just with a single look. So, you should get dressed up smartly every time you go to the market and be ready to work at any moment of any day. Also, you have a clear idea in your mind, which kinds of jobs you would take up and which ones you would certainly avoid. This would inculcate a feeling of confidence in you.

Relocate to a Suitable City

In case you live in a small village or a remote place, contractors would not come there every day to hire you. So, you would have to take the first step. In case you are really ambitious about becoming a petite model, a good idea would be to relocate to a bigger city, where there are chances of being noticed.

Spend on Professional Photographs

A good and successful petite model would generally have some photographs of hers ready all the time. It is a fact that a good photographer would charge you some money for taking good photographs of yours, so you can cut down other costs and spend some money on the photographs.

Call the Modelling Agencies

Remember, you would have to take the first step and the modelling agencies would not come to you to hire you personally. Some modelling agencies hire new models because they do not have much funds to pay the high profile models which are already there in the market. If you can find out some of them, it would be awesome.

Research about the Agency before Signing any Bond

Most of the modelling agencies would require you to sign a bond with them. If such is the case, you must research properly about the agency in order to find out that it is not a fraud. If possible, take a part of your payment in advance and don’t trust anybody too much.

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